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(Solved): The County Police Department (CPD) implemented a new policy prohibiting male deputies from supervisi ...

The County Police Department (CPD) implemented a new policy prohibiting male deputies from supervising female inmates in the jail housing units. The CPD believed this would help protect the female inmates from sexual misconduct perpetrated by male deputies and protect the privacy of female inmates. A number of deputies, both male and female, filed suit against the CPD alleging the policy constituted sex discrimination. May the CPD successfully defend its policy under a theory of bona fide occupational qualification?

  a. No, because sexual discrimination can never be a bona fide occupational qualification.   
  b. Yes, because female inmates are at risk for sexual assault from male deputies.   
  c. No, because the physical attributes of men versus women cannot be considered as a valid restriction.   
  d. Yes, if it can show that it is the only legitimate way to protect the interests expressed by the CPD.   

Alexis was the only female union truck driver for Road Truckers where she worked during construction seasons, normally from March until October each year. Sometime after May 2015 her male coworkers began belittling her with frequent and disparaging comments. She complained to her supervisor multiple time about the behavior, but the other employees were never disciplined. Soon thereafter, Alexis was laid off along with numerous other male co-workers. Within a couple of weeks, all of the other co-workers had been recalled even though Alexis was the most senior driver. Under which of the following should Alexis bring a claim?

  a. Disparate treatment   
  b. Disparate impact   
  c. None of these claims   
  d. Both disparate treatment and disparate impact

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"Bona fide" occupation qualification refers to the one that legally places restrictions on employing or hiring the person based on their national orig
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