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(Solved): Share any insights that you gained. Be sure to use the lens of the prime contractor.   Questi ...

Share any insights that you gained. Be sure to use the lens of the prime contractor.


Question: How would a Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) differ in content and emphasis when prepared by a contractor or subcontractor versus the acquisition entity?


A Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), "is a document that addresses a contractor's overall systems engineering management approach" (AcqNotes, 2022). To an extent, "It provides unique insight into the application of a contractor's standards, capability models, configuration management, and toolsets to their organization" (AcqNotes, 2022). If prepared as a contractor, it would include exactly what the contractor(s) is capable of doing. AcqNotes has a developed list of the key responsibilities of the contractor:

Description of the technical effort and technical processes on what will be used, and how the processes will be applied using appropriate activities.

Project structure to accomplish activities, information flow, and decision-making.

Resources required for accomplishing the activities.

Project critical event objectives during any phase of a project's life cycle.

Work product outputs of the processes and how the processes are integrated.

Communication standards between project management engineering teams.

Entry and exit criteria of work products during project phases

A detailed example is found in Mattice's HST Case Study:


As you can see, when comparing the contractors vs acquisition the SEMP varies from what we can do (contractors) to what we need you to do (acquisitions).

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Solution : A system Engineering Management plan (SEMP) is a document that addresses Contractor's overall system Engineering management approach. This
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