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(Solved): Select a company you have worked with in the past that had or has very poor customer service. The or ...

Select a company you have worked with in the past that had or has very poor customer service. The organization can be in any industry or location. It may be an organization you currently work for or for which you have worked in the past. Consider any organization that interests you for which you can gather sufficient information to complete this project. If you have difficulty thinking of an organization you may wish to consult this article. 10 Most Hated Companies in America in 2020 - https://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-most-hatedcompanies-america-100021771.html Suppose that the company you selected decides that it is time to shift to an organization-wide focus on satisfying customers. Recently you were named supervisor of the customer service department to help lead this change in that department. You have been working in the department for ten years with excellent performance evaluations. There are 10 other members of your department, and they come from diverse backgrounds. You were promoted from within, and have many friends in the department. Some of them do not do their jobs properly, or well. Overall the department is a mess, with a large number of problems - unhappy customers, poorly performing staff, bad attitudes, etc. The previous supervisor was disrespectful to women and minorities, which caused some distrust toward management. He was also incompetent and generally disliked. Employees were generally happy about his firing, but a few remain his strong supporters and feel he was dismissed unfairly. There are some hard feelings. The department’s current average customer service rating has dropped to a new low of 3.2 out of 5 stars. Your goal is to increase that average to 4.5 out of 5 stars within one year. The company lost 20 longstanding customers in the past year. Your goal is to win back 10 of them. You are starting from scratch. Nothing you will need is in place to assist you in your efforts, apart from the 100% support of your boss and top management. You have full approval and authority to do what is necessary to accomplish your objectives. Conduct research, gather data, and integrate your findings in a short paper that demonstrates your ability to build a customer-centric department. Report components: 1. Introduction: Identify and briefly describe the organization and the problems it faces. 2. Challenges: Discuss the challenges you will face as a new supervisor. How do you expect being promoted from within to affect how you are treated by staff? Will prior relationships complicate or assist your efforts to improve the department? How will you deal with those who refuse to follow your lead? Which supervisory skills do you already have, and which will you need to develop further? Who will judge your performance, and by what criteria? 3. Rebuilding the department: Discuss what it means to be customer centric and what you will need to do to instill a service culture and philosophy in the department. Identify key elements that need to be established and discuss how you will establish them. Ask yourself why customers are unhappy and what you will do to change that. How will you reach out to customers who defected and win them back? 4. Communication: Explain why communicating with people inside and outside the company will be crucial. Discuss how you will reach people most effectively. What guidelines will you follow? What methods will be best for reaching customers? What methods will be best for reaching employees and communicating with your boss and other higher-ups? 5. Managing Diversity: Discuss how your predecessor treated women and minorities in the department and the ill effects that caused. What will you do differently to improve relations with your workers and make maximum use of all of your workforce? How will you prove your intentions are good and earn employees’ trust? How will you bring the department together as a unit? 6. Conclusion: Identify the steps you will take to rebuild the department in their order of importance. Synthesize your findings into a logical conclusion that addresses how to accomplish the goals that have been set for your department. Identify issues that may threaten success. Refer to the Assignment Rubric to guide the development of your report. Compile these components into an organized, typed report, written in English, and upload it (in PDF format only) for peer review, which will determine your grade for this assignment. To pass this assignment, you must receive 75% or above. If you receive a peer review you feel is unfair, you may flag it for Coursera to review.

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ANSWER:- Introduction : I chose ABC as an organization that had or has very poor customer service. ABC Company is a large international organization b
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