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(Solved): QUESTION ONE: Case Study: ByzanCard and Digital Economy Byzantine is an Island state on the Atlantic ...

Case Study: ByzanCard and Digital Economy
Byzantine is an Island state on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. According to the 2012 National Population
Census, it has a total population 3.8 million inhabitants. Goree is the national capital with a population of 2
million, the rest of population live in Saint Louis and Carabena while the lles de Madeline is an inhabited, a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since its independence from France in 1956, the country has successfully
organize free and fair elections every five years to elect a President and Members of Parliament (MPs). Since
1956, the Citizens Trust Party (Trust Party) has won every elections and the currently holds a majority 52 MPs
in the 62 member state legislature. Number of ministers is provided in the constitution which say “there shall
be not more than nine1 minsters including the prime minister. With the exception of the Prime Minster; all
minsters are appointed outside parliament. The country is divided into five (5) regions (Goree, Saint Louis,
Carabena, Japkafili and Princess Town. There are six-two (62) local authorities which are the same as political
districts (constituency). The Island is rich in natural resources (fishing, tropical crops, gold, oil and gas etc.).
It has ha literacy rate 78% and 70% of the population are under 35 years and a per capita income of XBT12 250
at the end of December 2021, according to the National Bureau Statistics.
Byzantine Identification Bureau (BIB) established under the National Identification Register Act 2021
(Act156). BIA’s mandate is to register all Byzantine citizens home and abroad as well as all foreigner nationals
living permanently on the four Islands which make up the Atlantic State of Byzantine. Byzantine National
identification System (BIS) will provide a secure biometric register with a verification system. The BIS can
track and trace and return accurate and up-to-date information on each individual. It provides a single source of
the truth for the verification of persons. The act makes BIA the only state agency to collect, store, secure and
share individual biometric data. Verification of individuals will be done the card or biometric (e.g. fingerprints).
By design, ByzanCard has a memory chip with a minimum of 17 modules and can be expanded to 27 modules.
The BIA is an agency under the ministry of Interior and its chief is a public servant recruited according to merit.
Digitalisation- Byzantine’s Vision 2035
“One Nation One People One Vision”
To ensue effective and efficient implementation; the government setup the Byzantine Digital Project
(ByzanDigital) at the office of the President, headed by the Prime Minister, who is also the Finance Minister.
In June, 2021, ByzanDigital organized a National Conference on Digitalisation on the theme “meeting the needs
of citizens in the digital economy: Government as an enabler”
At the end of the conference, a communique was issued to include among others - Digitalisation-Byzantine’s
Vision 2035 to become a strategic enabler for an accelerated digitalization eco system to expand the digital
economy or knowledge based economy to spur socio economic growth. Policy objectives include:
? Holistic Digital strategy. A key goal of the Digital Byzantine Policy is to create a digital ecosystem with
infrastructure and institutional frameworks for the rapid delivery of innovative digital services,
applications and content. The policy represents a shift away from a piece-meal approach to a holistic
technology strategy clearly focused on ICT a broad enabler of every sector of socio economic
? Digitalization in Multiple Sector: Promote the use of technology in finance, education, health,
agriculture, e0commerce and other key socio-economic sectors.
1 Prime Minister/Finance Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Minister for Education, Science and
Technology, Minister for Health, Minister for Agriculture, Minster for Transport, Minister for Mines and Energy, Minister for Local
Government and Regional Development, Minister for Trade and Industry
DC: ACD01-F004
? E-government: Promote e-Governance to make Byzantine the frontrunner in good governance through
IT enablement at all levels. Ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability by setting up integrated
government databases and application
Furthermore, the conference agreed to implement the project in Two Phases:
Phase I: January 2021 –December 2022: Baseline and stakeholder Engagement
i) National Digitalisation Conference
ii) ByzanGPS2 addressing system executed by ByzanPost
iii) National Population and Housing Census3 (2021)
iv) Citizens engagement on the purpose, scope and benefits of digitalization
v) Pilot ByzanCard registration in five (5) districts
Phase II: Nationwide ByzanCard Registration: January 2023 – December 2023
Excerpts from National Digitalisation Conference Report, June 2021
Ministry of Finance and the Byzantine Reserve Bank (BRB)
The Ministry of Finance and BRB is working on the Byzandigital payment platform with a native stablecoin-ebyte
(XBT) which anchored on a basket of fiat currencies, digital currency, gold and oil). Currently, financial
service provides include five (5) local banks, three of which are owned by the state. Two (2) foreign banks, 75
savings and loan companies, two digital payment platforms etc. The objective of Byzandigital payment – to
ensure all citizens have access to a broad range of suitable and affordable digital financial services (payment,
credit, saving, insurance and investment).
Byzantine Public Health Insurance Scheme (BPHIS)
The Byzantine Public Health Insurance Authority are responsible for the administration of BPHIS. A recent
study of the Public Health Insurance Scheme revealed that “claims expenditures vary significantly between
individual facilities, even those of the same types. Per-claim expenditures for outpatient services at primary
hospitals ranges from eighteen (XBT18) to hundred and twelve (XBT112), a six fold difference.” All health
services providers (public or private) who wish to become services providers must first be accredited by the
authority. For the chief executive, Miss Martha Wumbura, “we expect that ByzanDigital address issues such
as client’s enrolment and annual renewal membership, reduced and eliminated fraudulent claims”
Byzantine Independent Election Commission (BIEC)
The Byzantine Indepenednet Election Commission is charge with the responsibility to all Citizens who are
eighteen (18) and above are on the electoral roll for the purposes of conducting public election at various levels
of government (Local government, regional and national). Each year, the BIEC is required conduct limited voter
registration for individuals who turn eighteen year. Currently, the BIEC is in the process of replacing the
software vender because, they vender says to support service and hardware kit have been decommissioned.
According to the chairman of BIEC, Mr. Patrick Mbuyama, “we expect ByzanDigital to enable biometric
registration and verification of individuals on Election Day. Furthermore, expect the Election module to
2 ByzanGPS is the official digital property addressing system which covers every inch of the country and ensures that all locations in
the country are addressed. With ByzanGPS every location has a unique digital address/
3 Data from the 2021 PHC by the Byzantine Bureau of statistics show that the country’s total population is 6,927,506, of which 50.7%
are females and 49.3% are males. According to PHC report 2021, 2,33,1124, structures were listed, of which 57% were used for
residential purposes only. Another 2.6% were used for other purposes in addition to residential. About 78.7% (9,837,153 structures)
were conventional structures, 8.9% were metal containers, 9.7% were wooden structures, 2.8% were Kiosks and 0.9% others.
DC: ACD01-F004
automatically notify Individuals who turn eighteen with the following information (name, date of birth, nearest
polling station) among others. The BIEC has five (5) regional offices, six-two district/constituency offices, 450
electoral and 1857 polling stations.
Byzantine Association of Local Authorities
Byzantine Association of Local Authorities consist of 140 administrative metropolitan, municipal and district
councils who are responsible for efficient delivery of local government services (water, sanitation, public
schools, health facilities and local economic development. Association of Local Authorities says “it is their
hope that ByzanDigital will help them to address their chronic inability to collect property rate and other local
Inter-city Transport Service Providers Association
“Inter-city transport service providers include public (Inter-City Link) and private companies want their
customers to be able book and pay for their travelling tickets in the comfort of their homes “; Public Relation
Manger, Inter-City Link
Other Comments
“Currently across government departments and agencies, data is organized in ‘silos’ and data sharing is
hardly the norm. Citizens use four (Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s license and Social security number)
identity documents for the purposes of identification”
“All under 18 year and in school will be registered in their various school, colleges, universities and
other educational facilities”
“Birth and Death register department should be abolished and its function taken over by the ministry of
health and integrated into the Byzantine Health service. It expected children born in all health facilities
(public and private) should be issue with ByzanCard number without biometric information “
“The Ministry Agriculture was to use digital technology improve distribution of subsidizer fertilizers
and premix fuel to farmer and fisherfolks as well as introduce pension to coffee farmers”
“After the completion of the ByzanCard, all sim cards must be linked to either a person or an
institution/organization. Individuals can link up to three (3) Sim cards while organization can link up to
20 Sim cards and can link more if need be : The National Communication Authority shall not take
biometric data as this can be verified using an API address”
Byzantine Identification Bureau-Pilot Registration
The cost per smart card issued to persons 15years and above is XBT5.40, while the cost per 2D bar code card
issued to persons under 15year is XBT1.50. Furthermore, it is estimated that platform on-going cost (security,
license for software, hardware etc.) XBT250, 000 per annum beginning January 2023. The solution (software)
has a lifespan of 15 years with major update every three or five years depending on industry trend.
Exchange Rate XBT1=$1.43
According to the Policy Advisor at the Byzantine Digital Project office, “there is no need to make a formal
business case for the deployment of the card. ‘Its justification is so self-evident that defining a business case,
managing benefits and undertaking benefits reliasation would just be a pointless exercise. It would slow us
down at a time when we need to speed up.”

(i) Given the information above, and making reasonable assumptions, conduct requirements user analysis,
specification and requirements catalogue for ByanCard platform (Solution). (15 marks)
(ii) Based on the text and seeking information from the internet, develop some prototypes,, wireframes, and
some designs of how the user interfaces would look. (5 marks)
(iii) Making reasonable assumptions, evaluate the perceived benefits and costs of deploying the ByzanCard
and comment on why a business case necessary inspite of the ‘self-evident’ claim (8 marks)
(iv) How would you measure whether the solution achieved its goals or not, if it gave the effects or not
(develop and define metrics you would use to evaluate the solution)? (4 marks)

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