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(Solved): Question 3 : Read the synopsis below and answer following the question: Compare the leadership trait ...

Question 3 : Read the synopsis below and answer following the question: Compare the leadership traits and behaviours of both leaders and in your opinion which leader do you think is more effective and why? (200 words) Synopsis Amalgamated Products is a medium-sized manufacturer of consumer products with nonunionized production workers. Ben Jaeger was a plant manager for Amalgamated Products for ten years, and he was very well liked by employees there. They were grateful for the fitness center he built for employees, and they enjoyed the social activities sponsored by the plant several times a year, including company picnics and holiday parties. Ben believed it was important to treat employees properly so they would have a sense of loyalty. Under Ben, the plant had the lowest turnover among the company’s five plants, but the second-worst record for costs and production levels. When the company was acquired by another firm, Ben was asked to take early retirement and Phil Jessup was brought in to replace him. Phil had a growing reputation as a manager who could get things done, and he quickly began making changes. Costs were cut by trimming the fitness center at the plant, company picnics and parties, and human relations training programs for supervisors. Phil believed that human relations training was a waste of time; if employees don’t want to do the work, get rid of them and find somebody else who does. Include references apa7

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ANSWERBoth Ben Jaeger and Phil Jessup have different leadership traits and behaviors. Ben Jaeger believed in treating employees properly and providing
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