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(Solved): Of course, job satisfaction is important for other reasons as wellreasons that have little to do ...

Of course, job satisfaction is important for other reasons as well—reasons that have little to do with job performance or organizational commitment. For example, job satisfaction is strongly related to life satisfaction, or the degree to which employees feel a sense of happiness with their lives. Research shows that job satisfaction is one of the strongest predictors of life satisfaction. Put simply, people feel better about their lives when they feel better about their jobs. This link makes sense when you realize how much of our identity is wrapped up in our jobs. What’s the first question that people ask one another after being introduced? That’s right—“What do you do?” If you feel bad about your answer to that question, it’s hard to feel good about your life. The connection between job satisfaction and life satisfaction also makes sense given how much of our lives are spent at work. Presents the results of one study that examines time spent on daily activities, along with reported levels of positive and negative feelings during the course of those activities. The participants in the study spent most of their day at work. Unfortunately, that time resulted in the highest levels of negative feelings and the second-lowest levels of positive feelings (behind only commuting). Home and leisure activities (e.g., socializing, relaxing, exercising, intimate relations) were deemed much more satisfying but took up a much smaller portion of the day. The implication is clear: If we want to feel better about our days, we need to find a way to be more satisfied with our jobs. Indeed, increases in job satisfaction have a stronger impact on life satisfaction than do increases in salary or income. It turns out that the adage “money can’t buy happiness” is partially true.

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ANSWER:-As per the given data the following is the answer to the given question......Life satisfact
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