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(Solved):   In each of the scenarios below, identify the type of waste (10 points) # ...


In each of the scenarios below, identify the type of waste (10 points)



Type of Waste


Due to an object obstructing the sky train railing system, your commute time was increased by 20 minutes today



You went to the school for a final test, but learned that the test is not in person, but online (Not this course ?)



There is a Christmas market with some items on-sale, and you bought a box of 10 jars of jam out of excitement



You submitted your answers sheet for this test, and after you arrived home, you remembered that you forgot to write your name on your answer sheet



You have many skills under your belt, but for now and until graduation, you are in a less desired job which allows you to meet the 20-hr limit of your work permit



Since the self-checkout lane in the store is closed and there are not enough staff to help with checkout at the grocery store, in the last minutes before the store closing for the day, you see a lineup of customers



Due to the lineup experience from last night (the row above), now the store has hired 5 new staff, 3 of which are idle most of the day except for the closing time.



Closer to the end of this test, you decide to type in all your answers again and send an electronic copy as well to me to make sure I won’t lose your answer sheet



The school has made it mandatory to pay for a compass card, which you do not need because you live nearby and never use the public transit



You have stored the course files in the following directory on your computer:

Desktop ? My files ? 2022 ? Professional Development ? Educational ? Acsenda ? T4 2022 ? Operations Management ? Course materials ? PowerPoints

You have to click on all of these sub-folders from the beginning to the end, every time you tend to open the slides of a chapter



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1.In this situation, the type of waste is "wasted time." When an object obstructs the sky train railing system, it can cause delays and increase the t
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