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(Solved): For this assignment, refer to your own personal Indigo TriMetrix DNA assessment report. Write a pape ...

For this assignment, refer to your own personal Indigo TriMetrix DNA assessment report. Write a paper starting with an introduction and then for part one, comment on your DISC style and on your top two or three Skills, Driving Forces and Motivators (refer to these sections of the assessment report). Explain what your awareness of these results means for you. What will you do differently? What do you want to improve upon or work on? Describe what you believe to be the two strongest and weakest areas of your personality, with reference to the assessment results? If you have work experience, please use your past professional experience to provide examples of those skills, motivators and driving forces in action. If you do not have work experience, then refer to examples from school or family interactions. In part two, explore how those traits of yours may impact your career and work performance based on your current or aspirational career path. Which traits are likely to be key to your success? Which traits will you have to be careful to work on, improve upon or regulate? How will you do this? Finally, in part three, develop a written action plan (with actual concrete steps you’ll take) to improve in those areas you identified above as needing your attention. At the end of the paper include a short conclusion. Organise your paper with proper APA headings. No abstract nor table of contents is necessary. Support your paper with 6-8 scholarly research sources, with one being your textbook. The paper should be between 1,600 and 1,800 words (not including cover page and references) and written using APA format. Adhering as closely as possible to the word count target is part of the exercise, requiring you to be selective with the information you include and ensuring everything you include adds value.

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IntroductionPersonality assessment tools, such as the Indigo TriMetrix DNA assessment, provide valuable insights into an individual's strengths, weakn
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