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(Solved): Exploration of Physics Vol. 1 Connected Masses on Two Inclines Excel or equivalent INTRODUCTION ...

Exploration of Physics Vol. 1 – Connected Masses on Two Inclines Excel or equivalent INTRODUCTION In Newton’s second law (F=ma) F represents the net force acting on a system of mass m and a is the resulting acceleration of that system. The net force applied to this system is the weight of the hanging mass on the string. Fnet=M2g. According to Newton’s Second Law, this net force should be equal to ma, where m is the total mass that is being accelerated, which in this case is M1 + M2 and a is the acceleration of the system. This experiment will check to see if M2g is equal to (M1 + M2)a when friction is ignored. PROCEDURE Open “Exploration of Physics ver 3.2” from your computer. Click on “Motion” from the top tool bar and select the “Connected Masses on Two Inclines” lab from the list. See figure 1. Figure 1 Familiarize yourself with the toolbar on the left side using the provided handout located on the canvas course page. Spend time examining the main screen of the “Connected Masses on Two Inclines” lab. See figure 2 for more details. The initial screen is going to look different from figure 2. It is necessary to setup the screen, so it looks like figure 2. For Mass 1 the sliders should be adjusted form top to bottom to be: 0.80kg, 0 degrees, 0.00, and 0.00. Mass 2 should be adjusted similarly to be: 0.30kg, 90 degrees, 0.00, and 0.00. Pulley mass should be set to 0.0kg. Once done with the setup, check that your screen looks like figure 2. Figure 2 Play the Simulation and record the two masses, the total mass of the system (M1+M2), the force of the falling mass (M2g), and the acceleration. Decrease Mass 1 mass by .1 kg and increase Mass 2 mass by .1 kg. Play the simulation and record the acceleration. Repeat for 7 total trials. Graph Force vs. acceleration and add a linear trendline with equation. Calculate in excel (M1+M2)a. Compare to M2g. QUESTIONS What type of line should you find on the three graphs? And why? Compare the three slopes. What should you find? 3. Compare M1g and (M1+ M2)a for each trial.

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Newton's second law of motion F=ma is very im
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