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(Solved): (Evolutionary Algorithms) (a)        In Evolutionary algorithms mutat ...

(Evolutionary Algorithms)

(a)        In Evolutionary algorithms mutation of a child’s genetic code is considered a desirable operation to perform after crossover. Explain the effect mutation has on genetic diversity when it is and is not present. Also explain the effect on genetic diversity if much mutation occurs or little mutation occurs.           (12 marks)


(b)     Below are binary string genetic codes that represent two parents. You are required to perform two point crossover (at 25% and 75%) on these genetic codes in order to produce two children from the parents. After crossover has been completed you are then required to mutate selected bits in both children. In the first child mutations happen at bits [5, 17, 21, 25] and in the second child mutations happen at bits [0, 8, 16, 24, 31]

parent A: 01010101000111101101011100110011

parent B: 10101111110010100000101000111100

(8 marks)

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A) Mutation is a random process in which a small number of genes in an individual's genetic code are altered. In evolutionary algorithms, mutation is
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