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(Solved): AIM       Aim of the experiment (5p) INTRODUCTION       Define t ...

·       Aim of the experiment (5p)
·       Define the term titration, and classify it. State the type of titration performed during the experiment (10p)
·       Define the term indicator. How does a pH indicator work during titration? (10p)

·       List the materials used in the experiment (all of the glasses and chemicals) (5p)
·       Write in detail the procedure of the experiment step by step (10p)

·       Calculate the molarity of HCl used in experiment (write the equations in Word). Show the calculations very detailed (15p).

·       (Each group member must solve this question separately) (20p)
A student titrated a 30 mL sample of vinegar aiming to find the molarity of acetic acid in it. The student used X mL of 0,25 Molar NaOH solution. Find the molarity of acetic acid in the vinegar. (X=Last two digits of your student ID. Example: student ID=509181274, 74 mL NaOH is used. If it ends with double zero, take it as 17 mL). Write the equation of reaction between acetic acid and sodium hydroxide.
·       Using the virtual lab, take 2 ml from 3M HCl solution and complete it to 60 ml by adding water. Then, add 0.5 ml methyl orange and titrate it with 1M NaOH solution. Write the volume of base that you used (5p). To confirm the molarity of acid you used, recalculate its molartiy according to used amount of base. Show calculations (10p). Take screenshot for each step and suppy them in the report (10p)

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Solution:- . ANSWER Aim of the Experiment The aim of this experiment is to understand the concept of titration and to calculate the molarity of a given solution using titration. Introduction Titration is a process of adding a measured amount of a rea
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