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(Solved): 8.69 - Spheres A (mass 0.020kg ), B (mass 0.030kg ), and C (mass 0.050kg ) are approachin ...

8.69 - Spheres \( A \) (mass \( 0.020 \mathrm{~kg} \) ), \( B \) (mass \( 0.030 \mathrm{~kg} \) ), and \( C \) (mass \( 0.050

8.69 - Spheres (mass ), (mass ), and (mass ) are approaching the origin as they slide on a frictionless air table. The initial velocities of and are given in Fig. P8.69. All three spheres arrive at the origin at the same time and stick together. (a) What must the - and y-components of the initial velocity of be if all three objects are to end up moving at in the -direction after the collision? (b) If has the velocity found in part (a), what is the change in the kinetic energy of the system of three spheres as a result of the collision? Figure P8.69

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