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(Solved): (14 points) If x4+y3xy2=49x4+y3xy2=49, find dy/dxdy/dx in terms of xx  ...

(14 points) If x4+y3?xy2=49x4+y3?xy2=49, find dy/dxdy/dx in terms of xx and yy.

Using your answer for dy/dxdy/dx, fill in the following table of approximate yy-values of points on the curve near x=1,y=4x=1,y=4.

0.96 0.98 1.02 1.04

Finally, find the yy-value for x=0.96x=0.96 by substituting x=0.96x=0.96 in the original equation and solving for yy using a computer or calculator.

How large (in magnitude) is the difference between your estimate for y(0.96)y(0.96) using dy/dxdy/dx and your solution with a computer or calculator? 

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SOLUTION:- Given that:- The function x4+y3?xy2=49 To find dydx in terms of xandy.
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