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(Solved): 1- If all sample averages on an-chart fall within the control limits, all output will be conforming. ...

1- If all sample averages on an-Xchart fall within the control limits, all output will be conforming. True or False?

2- Process control and process capability are synonymous terms. True or False?

3- When monitoring attribute data using a p-chart, if the subgroup size is not constant,variable control limits can be established. True or False?

4- If the mean contaminant count per squared millimeter is 5.8, then the center line for ac-chart that plots the contaminant count per squared centimeter is 580. True or False?

5- When constructing control limits, if special causes are found, they are eliminated andthe control limits recomputed because the special cause points do not represent astate of statistical control. True or False?

6- The s-chart is used to monitor variation. True or False?

7- An s-chart utilizes the range instead of the standard deviation utilized in R-charts. True or False?

8- Control charts for individual variables data require calculation of a moving range. True or False?

9- Subgroup samples should be chosen so that, if assignable causes are present, thechance of observing differences between samples is low, while the chance ofobserving differences within a sample is high. True or False?

10- For variables data, sample size can be calculated by specifying the desired minimumshift in the process mean to be detected. True or False?

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The correct options for the following statements are as follows:1. Answer: TrueFrom the theoretical foundation for x-chart represents if the process i
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